What’s for Dinner?


A complete solution that simplifies the dinner time process, allowing you more time to prepare homemade food and share special moments with the people you love

Connect and Share Easily with Others in Your Life

Thyme offers the best way to store and share your favorite recipes in one mobile application!

With Thyme, you can create and share recipe collections and cookbooks with groups based on shared interests, heritage and culinary favorites.

In addition to that, Thyme connects you to local food sources and grocers, expanding your knowledge of local home-grown companies and great food products in your own backyard.

Your Complete Recipe Collection in ONE Spot

Finally, the app that provides one central location for all your recipes. From anywhere. Seriously.

No more paging through half a dozen cookbooks for the only meatloaf your kids will actually eat. No more searching for that small faded recipe card with Aunt Rosa’s authentic caponata scrawled in her handwriting.

Keep these recipes and many others catalogued in Thyme, so you can store Aunt Rosa’s keepsake recipe card away from the kitchen and more sauce splatter. (Aunt Rosa would be so proud!)

Customizes Your Experience and Works for You

How great would it be to have a smart, capable kitchen assistant whose sole purpose for existing was to know your particular tastes, cooking skill level and culinary preferences?

Thyme provides the help in the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Its intuitive technology is far superior to other recipe and meal apps.

No more outsourcing dinner decisions to grocery stores or meal planners who don’t get you. Thyme does the heavy lifting for you.

Saves You Time and Effort

You have a lot to think about throughout your day. Let Thyme take something off your plate by helping with meal planning logistics. Use Thyme to plan and gather ingredients using our multi-store grocery list that helps you shop your preferred stores.

Use Thyme’s connection to grocery delivery and curbside pick-up service as a way to shave time off your shopping and to-do lists. And, instead, use that time to prepare and share delicious meals with friends and family.