The Thyme Story

Busy families. Packed schedules. A thousand and one commitments. We have traded the age-old ritual of calm and nourishing meals for convenience food and takeout. When mealtime feels as hectic and disconnected as our lives, it’s only natural we crave real food again…and the time to actually enjoy it.

“What’s for Dinner?” is the question behind the newest and most comprehensive meal-planning app to ever grace the market. And it’s answering that question in a way no other mobile application does.

Thyme is the first easy-to-use app to bring all your recipes, meal preferences, grocery lists and information together in one place. It simplifies meal planning logistics by organizing, planning, adapting and inspiring meal choices that best fit your schedule and budget. Thyme even accounts for mood and preferences, which makes it highly adaptable and intuitive.

At What’s For Dinner Technologies, we know that quality, well-made food brings the colors and the flavors of the world into our homes. A delicious meal can help us celebrate special moments and remind us where we came from and where we are going. Even more, it connects us to one another. From stories and baking tips passed down while prepping ingredients at our kitchen counter to memories made around the table, we learn and love best when we enjoy the gentle, inspired rhythm of homemade meals.

Finally! No more scrambling at mealtime. With Thyme, you can stop and smell the garlic again. Yes, the garlic sizzling in the skillet. Or you can listen to music while you chop carrots. And, roll the dough until the flour is up to your elbows. 

When Thyme answers the “What’s for dinner?” questions once and for all, you have more opportunities to connect with the delicious and nourishing food you make and the wonderful people you love.

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