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Improving the Food Value Chain through Smart Technology and Real-time Insights

Thyme brings everyone to the table, including smart investors. Our research shows the market is primed for an app like this one. And we know that if you are anything like our app–smart, sophisticated, adaptable and intuitive–you will wholeheartedly agree.

The pendulum is swinging away from convenience foods and back to real food that is unmodified and locally-sourced. At the same time, online food shopping is on the upswing. We can capture both elements of the market with our savvy app, by using local and native advertising that is tailored to exactly what the consumer needs. The potential for advertising revenue is unlimited as companies recognize and adapt to more intuitive online advertising and promotions. These types of ads are most impactful because they reach consumers precisely at the time of their buying decision.

As our user base grows, so will our insights into the driving forces that influence consumer behavior. Our industry partners will have a competitive edge by spotting trends as they bubble up and being able to adapt in a more timely manner. No more adoption of market trends at the tail-end, leaving you with the wrong product mix and messaging.

We are confident that Thyme will be accepted widely in the market place. It is a fresh, comprehensive solution that works for the consumer rather than expecting the consumer to adapt to it. The app promises to engage, entertain and provide a high level of utility.

Some highlights of the app are:

A clean, beautiful, easy-to-understand interface
Highly adaptable to the user’s lifestyle
Brings everything together in one space
Recipe collaboration with families and social groups
Intuitive, cutting-edge A.I. technology
Natural language processing to read recipes
Smart suggestions based on the user’s meal preferences, schedule and other priorities

We need investors like you to help propel us to the next level. For more information, please download our pitch deck or contact us for more information.

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